DACAP is a group of registered and accredited counsellors and psychotherapists in Dorset.

DACAP committee

Sally Barmes DACAP Chair
To contact Sally email: chair@dacap.or.g.uk [...]
Pam Mizon DACAP Co Chair
You can contact Pam by email on deputy@dacap.org.uk [...]
Leah Lowinger DACAP Membership Secretary
To contact Leah email: membership@dacap.org.uk [...]
Julie Walker DACAP Treasurer
To contact Julie email: treasurer@dacap.org.uk [...]
Phil Martin DACAP Website Officer
Phil email: website@dacap.org.uk [...]
Naomi Smith DACAP Workshop Organiser
This is a shared role. You can contact Naomi or Richard by email at workshops@dacap.org.uk . [...]